Computer Repair

7_Computer RepairWe are a full service computer repair company. As a value added model in addition to our standard services, we also service and sell new and used computers.

Contemporary computers and electronic equipment are sophisticated devices – they must have the ability to function as a straightforward word processor and also have the ability to perform the most recent PC games, let you browse the web or watch downloaded movies or DVDs.

All of the parts and applications needed to allow this multimedia experience means that, sometimes things may go wrong. It is usually not obvious what has occurred.

Today, we’ve come to depend on our computers for almost everything. Whether replying to email and browsing the world wide web or Skyping with family members and talking to friends on facebook, it is likely to be a bad day when you turn on your device and it does not work.

The common problems customers face are:

* Software Problems

* PC Crashing

* Virus Attacks

* Hardware Upgrades

* Internet Problems

* PC Not Booting

We will repair by using any of the following methods

1) Call and Collect

2) Home Visit

3) Drop Off

 We aim to complete general repairs within 24 hours of receiving your computer; however we may sometimes need more time.

 We also undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts for various types of computer networks. We are well known for our reliable and on time services offered at industry leading prices.

 For more information about the variety of computer repair services and IT support services available, or to speak with our information technology expert, call us at (561) 123-1234.